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 09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report

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Phoenix Quinn
Phoenix Quinn

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09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Empty
PostSubject: 09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report    09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  EmptyThu Sep 22, 2011 11:07 pm

Anarchism... stands for liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from shackles and restraint of government. It stands for social order based on the free grouping of individuals.

This quote, which is from Sons of Anarchy, is for Bear Mountain Original Phoenix Quinn. We wish him good luck as a PP of SFP!

09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Cavalry_on_bears

Hello everyone. This is Bear Cavalry Public Media Affairs Office. TheNorm and thetortor are here and will give you the recent news from SFP Bear Cavalry.

Before starting we will suggest you a excellent article about how we are fighting against imperialism. Here is the link and many thanks to its publisher and one of my best friends kushikuto.

Recent Changes For Bear Cavalry

Now what happened last week for us. With recent changes on the military units now there are new member types such as 2nd commander, captain and recruits.

As a deputy quartermaster thetortor and as a drill sergeant kushikuto are now officialy 2nd commander on SFP bear cavalry. Good luck on their missions.

On the 15th of this month there was a regiment captain’s election. In 1st regiment great comrade Lysander Spooner II was elected. And in 2nd regiment a good revolutionary Legianory Cannon became a captain. We congratulate them and wish a luck on their missions.

09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Bearcavalry1

Where Did We Fight Last Week?

SFP Bear Cavalry always fights for freedom and against imperialism. That’s why we always try to help countries which is under an invasion by powerful countries. Now we are going to represent you which battles we participate this week.


Northern Bohemia:
Slovakia invaded Czech Republic long time ago. We won this campaign but later Slovakia regain this region with NE wars.


East Srpska Republic:
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country. She has 322 fighters and 33147110 influence daily (based on pulse project). Serbia keeps their regions for very long time and probably they are going to keep it unless we fight for them! Unfortunately we lost this campaign but we are always with our friends.
Freedom for Bosnia and Herzegovina!!!


Trentino-S. Tyrol:
Italy has rough times also. They are fighting against Crotia and Slovenia at the same time. In this country you can always see a resistance war! So we are going to help them till they got their regions back. But unfortunately we lost this campaign.


This wasn’t a resistance war but SFP Bear Cavalry is always with their allies. We fought on Ireland side and glad to win this campaign.


To drain Spain’s assistance to ONE alliance we fought on this battle. We lost it but ONE lost pretty good influence in order to win this campaign.


Saxony and Lowe Saxony and Bremen are really important for Poland bonuses. If Germany regains one of this regions Poland will have hard days. That’s why we fought there really hard on this day. We lost it but we gave them quite troublesome times.

Hello everyone France is back! Now they are on the map again with several regions. We love it and will help them always. Freedom for France!!!

Ukraine is also getting her regions back. They regained all regions from Poland and started RW’s for regions which Bulgaria keeps. SFP Bear Cavalry will be there for you!


Languedoc Roussillon:
France got one more region!!

Lower Saxony & Bremen:
Woow what an epic war. We explained importance of this region before. Germany got this region back after 14 long, exhausting mini-battles. Now it’s time to drink something and enjoy the freedom for our e-German friends and for us of course.

09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Bearcavalry1

A Little Advertisement!

The SFP seeks quality and sexy players who enjoy Freedom and Community. Join today! Feel the Freedom everywhere!

09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Pr5

Advertisement is over!

09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Bearcavalry1

Information About Our Commune System and Our Rank

SFP Bear Cavalry is ranked 11th on the eRep Military page that seems to go only go by kills. For a poor meter to use SFP Bear Cavalry has a good position among all this elite forces!

SFP Bear Cavalry Communes provides supplies to SFP Bear Cavalry members to fight in battles against imperialism. It is essential that members fight with these supplies in SFP approved battles. SFP Bear Cavalry Supplies are not to be used for battles with imperialist goals.

In order to get supplies from SFP Bear Cavalry you need to work in one of the commune companies listed below. By working for SFP Bear Cavalry Communes you can get daily supplies such as, all the food you can fight and Q5 weapons if you have 1000+ strength. Also if you are using PULSE PROJECT you will get more Q5 Weapons daily. All you need to do is work for a SFP Bear Cavalry Commune and fill out the daily form.

SFP Bear Cavalry is definitely growing military unit. Would you like to part of it?

09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Pr4

TheNorm and thetortor reported. Feel free to send a message us about anything

Ursa Fi!
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09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Empty
PostSubject: Re: 09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report    09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  EmptyFri Sep 23, 2011 12:40 pm

you fought for the US in extremadura?
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Phoenix Quinn
Phoenix Quinn

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09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Empty
PostSubject: RE: SFP Press Report   09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 2:57 am

The situation in Spain is controversial in the eUSA, including amongst leftists.

Spain was a major player in helping to wipe out the eUSA and attempting to wipe out eBrazil. There has been nothing (that I've seen) in the US press about e-Spain's government changing its views on that or renouncing its imperialist invasion of the Americas.

Distrust is at a very high level and many see keeping Spain busy as way to prevent it from participating in other imperialist adventures, like invading France or helping Poland occupy Germany, as an anti-imperialist strategy.

Others are willing to let bygones be bygones and will even fight for Spain on basic principles regarding returning natural regions to their natural owners, but it is a very hard sell.

What is the position of the current Spanish government on these matters? Or the PCeE? Will they be making their case to public opinion in the Americas? Is this something that the Internationale could play a role in politically?

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09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Empty
PostSubject: Re: 09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report    09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report  Empty

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09-21-2011 SFP Bear Cavalry Press Report
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